Cigna Corporation, a global health services company, has launched an individual insurance and wellness solution specially tailored for residents of Dubai.

The plan, Cigna Healthguard, offers hospital treatment, maternity care, outpatient and specialist services, prescriptions, mental health care and out-of-area emergency cover.

Specially designed for globally mobile residents, the plan seeks to reduce the burden of healthcare expenses for customers and their dependents, and can be purchased at three levels, based on an individual’s travel and budget requirements.

According to the company’s well-being survey this year, 50 per cent of UAE respondents are concerned they will be unable to pay for their family’s or own medical expenses that are above their mandatory employee coverage.

The survey also found that one in five respondents in the UAE tends to delay necessary health checks and 93 percent choose to self-medicate when unwell.

The survey has likewise highlighted gaps in workplace health insurance benefits, with 45 percent of the respondents saying they pay for their out-of-pocket medical expenses, compared to 37 percent who said their employer-sponsored insurance covered their medical expenses.

Speaking at the launch of the new product, Ali Lutfi, head of licensing section for health insurance providers at Dubai Health Authority (DHA), noted that the industry is at the crossroads of Dubai’s healthcare landscape, where stakeholders, including regulators, healthcare institutions and insurers, have an opportunity to bring better health to the population.

“We are pleased that Cigna has brought its international expertise to address this unmet need.”

Jason Sadler, president, Cigna international markets, said the Middle East is a “hugely important” market for Cigna.

“Our learning from the 2017 Cigna 360o Well-being Survey indicates many people are unprepared for their future healthcare costs,” said Sadler.

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