There are three important steps to recovering from a disease or an ailment – identification, treatment, and rehabilitation. But don’t we always stop at step two? It’s time to take a step forward.

Blessed are those who haven’t been in a painful accident or had to endure the physical or emotional pain of coping with a prolonged disease. While we might have met a number of patients and survivors who have recounted their ordeals with a forlorn melancholy in their eyes, there are many among them who could be having a hard time dealing with various issues ranging from post-traumatic stress, mental health problems, loss, or even old age. They might seem like they are in the right frame of mind and getting along with life, but are they? 

Recently, we heard about National Medical Services, Medical Rehabilitation Centre an organisation in Oman that deals with such patients and to learn more about what they do, we decided to pay them a visit.

Nestled in an open area of Madinat Al Ilam, National Medical Services, Medical and Rehabilitation Centre’s, main gate opens to four villas — four warm and welcoming homes.

I walked straight through the door in front of me and found a few men sitting on a sofa and chatting. One of them, who was on a wheelchair, came up to me and said that he worked there and while we waited for the right person to acquaint us with the place we started talking to him and he explained how he was once a patient and now works as a receptionist there. I was soon asked to go to the 4th villa where I met Merlyn, the manager, who explained all about the services they provide.

National Medical Services, Medical and Rehabilitation Centre Muscat, is a facility that provides specialised non-invasive rehabilitation services including medical consultations, nursing care, nutrition services, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, and more to children, adults, and senior citizens in an environment that is more like a home than a hospital. The patients, called guests or visitors here, can spend some quality time recovering from their diseases and its side effects comfortably by taking their own time.

The centre has various facilities ranging from private rooms, gyms, speech therapy, and medication rooms which the guests can use depending on their needs. The 32 member team including doctors, nurses, managers, and helpers make sure that the guests feel very much at home and realise that what they need more than anything is to feel that there are people around who care and to instil the strength and willingness to fight. They also provide a range of aids including customised prosthetics, wheelchairs, and special footwear that the guests can buy or use.

Apart from palliative care for the elderly, National Medical Services, also serves as a day care for older men and women who need to be taken care of. It is extremely pleasing to see that even today, in the so-called modern age, there are people looking after their old parents, grandparents, and in-laws. However, there are times when they feel stranded and bound especially when they have to travel. At such times, a homecare centre like this comes to the rescue where it happily takes in guests and keeps them for days, weeks, or even months.

The guests are provided with therapy sessions, medical consultations, accommodation, and food but most importantly, as Meryl points out, they are encouraged to come out of their rooms and interact with fellow visitors and guests of their own age, especially in the evening at the outdoor Majlis where they can converse freely under the stars.

Such rehabilitation centres are a necessity in today’s society in order to help manage one’s emotional and social needs. It is also necessary for the caregivers to have a better understanding of taking care of those who have undergone treatment and require optimum after care or just the elderly whose physical capabilities are diminishing by the day due to age. However, it is the flexibility of this facility that makes it more attractive. People of any age group, recovering from any disease can avail the services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They can either be there with a family member or be dropped there alone, can go as visitors for a few hours or choose to stay as guests. The homecare provides the best of both worlds, where the atmosphere is homely and at the same time you have easy access to medical staff and facilities. As an industry, rehabilitation and healthcare services is an extremely essential segment of the society. They are in high demand and could help in shaping trends, mentality, and approach towards healthcare in a country. 

Times of Oman

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